New Zealand Bird Gallery

Here are some bird species spotted during a visit to New Zealand. The robin and fantail, although wild, were particularly curious and would come quite close in search of insects that may have been disturbed by our passing by. I enjoyed playing a game with the robins; when one was spotted I would scratch the ground and wait (not very long) for the bird to fly down, investigate and search for juicy worms or grubs that may have been uncovered. These were truly fabulous experiences, the kind I cherish most of all.

Here are more South Island birds I saw in 2015. 


Toutouwai (New Zealand Robin) Korimako (Bellbird) Black-billed Gull Chaffinch Piwakawaka (Fantail)

Song Thrush

Miromiro (Tomtit)

Tui (m)

Silver Eye

Kereru (New Zealand Pigeon)

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