Viti Levu, Fiji, 2014

A "get away from a wintry Melbourne" week spent on the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu was just the thing. Although it was also winter there, it was a tropical delight with warm sunny days and mild nights and lots of scenery to enjoy. The hotel in Nadi had extensive grounds and many garden beds making the birding easy especially in the early morning when birds were most active. Having a car for two days enhanced my experience and my reach and a trip into the hills with a local birder added a number of birds not normally found on the lowlands to my collection. 

Be prepared to see abundant numbers of introduced species - the red-vented bulbul, common myna and jungle myna - the former was everywhere on the island and the latter two were found generally in built-up areas. Take care, too, when you have a meal outdoors as these birds are there waiting for the slightest opportunity to fly down and scavenge your meal or drink! I got caught out a couple of times, but no harm done really.


Collared Kingfisher Eastern Reef Egret Fiji Goshawk (E) Fiji Parrot-finch (E) Fiji White-eye (E) Fiji Woodswallow (E)

Jungle Myna

Many-coloured Fruit Dove

Masked Shining Parrot (E)

Orange-breasted Honeyeater (E)

Pacific Swallow

Polynesian Triller

Red Munia

Red-vented Bulbul

Slaty Monarch (E)

Vanikoro Flycatcher (f)

Vanikoro Flycatcher (m)

Wattled Honeyeater and lunch

White-faced Heron and fish White-throated Pigeon


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Images Russell Cockman