An ideal tropical destination to get away from a Melbourne winter. Days were sunny, air was warm and the nights mild. I flew to the largest island, Viti Levu, for a week's stay in Nadi. The people were sooo friendly - bula was a very commonly heard word of welcome.

Fresh air, breathtaking scenery amongst mountains and farm land, waterfalls and beautiful ocean settings. Vibrant tropical colours and interesting geography made for many excellent photographic opportunities. A day trip to one of the many uninhabited coral islands for some snorkelling and relaxation was an absolute must do.

Not only scenery but lots of birds and wildlife were also enjoyed.


A street scene in tropical Nadi

Another Nadi scene. Not sure if the first level vegetation is deliberate or accidental
The Chief's house at Viseisei - landing place of the founders of Fiji - with one of the Village Guides

A brightly coloured temple in Nadi
The "Sleeping Giant" viewed from the hotel grounds. The head is to the right. Here is a close-up.

The hotel gardens partially in bloom
Another view of the hotel gardens with interesting cloud formations

One of the vivid sunsets viewed over the Hotel's grounds
One of the many island resorts passed during the day cruise

The uninhabited island destination of the cruise. Note the coral reefs underwater
Disembarking to enjoy four relaxing hours on the island 

A view of Viti Levu and the schooner from the island
Game of island volleyball anyone?

Time for some water play off the schooner as we waited for the last transfer of passengers from the island 
Typical accommodation on Fiji. The houses were built on a flood plain hence the elevation

A village church - one of very seen many in this highly religious society
Some of the 2000 orchid varieties on display at the "Garden of the Sleeping Giant" 

A view of the Garden
The board walk snaking its way up the mountain

Playing with sunlight streaming through palm leaves
The pond, a central feature in the luxuriant Garden A staggering amount of driftwood washed up on the beach at Sigatoka 
A idyllic thatched cottage amid a colourful garden. Here is a closer view A small waterfall found on my trip around the island

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