Port Campbell

Port Campbell National Park contains some of the finest coastal scenery to be found anywhere in the world - and it's just an easy three hour drive west of Melbourne. Including part of the spectacular "Great Ocean Road" the coastline is constantly pounded by the Southern Ocean swell which has carved deep coves, arches and numerous rock stacks out of the relatively soft limestone and sandstone cliff faces. The region is also known as the "Shipwreck Coast" because many ships have foundered on the reefs by the action of the treacherous currents, powerful winds and massive waves that characterise the sea there, with countless loss of life. The most famous shipwreck was "The Loch Ard" which ran aground in 1878 with only two of the 51 crew and passengers on board surviving.

Famous landmarks in the Port Campbell National Park include the 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, Muttonbird Island, London Arch and Gibson's Steps.


The Island Arch (now fallen) Red Cliffs and Turquoise Ocean Stars, Water and Earth in the Moonlight Rock Stacks at Gibson's Steps Cliffs at Sunset The Apostles

The Shipwreck Coast The Arch Coastline Early Morning Time lapse - Earth, Sea and Star Trails London Arch Cliffs and Pounding Surf



  Island Fortress Time lapse - Waves in Action Dawn - the start of a new day Apostles at Dawn  


All Images Russell Cockman

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