Easter 2016 at Hopetoun was a complete success. An excellent free camping spot on the shores of Lake Lascelles, lots of warm sunshine during the day and mild to cool at night, and loads of fresh air. Ideal for getting away "from it all" to explore the sights, watch birds and ground with Nature. Wyperfeld National Park was less than an hour's drive away. Here are some bird photos from the trip.


Artistically pained silos at the farming town of Brim.

One of many burnt stumps found in the bush around Hopetoun, a timely reminder of the firey experiences in the past. This one burnt completely through.
The local water supplier headquarters in Hopetoun.

The old Hopetoun Courier newspaper building.
Hopetoun station, now disused for passengers, but line used for grain transport.

The Mallee is renowned for the colour of its sunsets. Here's a fine example over Lake Lascelles.
A tranquil early evening scene at Lake Lascelles.

An unusual gate that controls nothing. Perhaps it is keeping the stump up.
A ruin, isolated in a field.

A dodder plant that has parasitized a eucalypt tree.
A lake-side view from my tent.

Water play on Lake Lascelles.
Wyperfeld National Park - Mount Jenkins is the large sand dune in the background.

Wyperfeld National Park - semi-arid, sandy and sparsely vegetated. A new experience.


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