Brisbane 2011 Bird Gallery

A nice few days away exploring Brisbane and the surrounding countryside. Spent many pleasant hours at Nudgee Beach walking the boardwalk exploring the mangroves and areas close-by and the Brisbane State Forest at The Gap. There weren't many species to be seen at Nudgee Beach, but every species was new and memorable to me. A big thank you to the gent at the Nudgee Beach bird hide who pointed out the pair of "sea eagles" on a dead tree about 50m away. They were actually a beautiful pair of Ospreys enjoying a rest. Highlights of the Brisbane State Forest were the pair of red-backed Fairy wrens beside the lake and the (very large) pheasant coucal being harassed by a flock of noisy miners.


Dollar Bird perching prominently, Nudgee Beach Northern race of the Eastern Yellow Robin, Brisbane Forest Park Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Nudgee Beach Striped Honeyeater in characteristic "fluffed-up" pose, Boondall Wetlands Pheasant Coucal, Brisbane Forest Park Brahminy Kite (juv) - sunlight filtering through feathers, Nudgee Beach

Male Red-backed Fairy Wren, Brisbane Forest Park

Female Red-backed Fairy Wren preening the male, Brisbane Forest Park

A pair of Opreys chilling out, Nudgee Beach

Collared Kingfisher, Nudgee Beach

Mangrove Gerygone with food, Nudgee Beach

Mangrove Gerygone at nest, Nudgee Beach

Pied Butcherbird, Nudgee Beach Mangrove Honeyeater, Nudgee Beach Rainbow Bee-Eater (f) Samsonvale Cemetery Variegated Fairy-Wren, Samsonvale Cemetery Brown Honeyater, Nudgee Beach  


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