Kangaroo Island Bird Gallery

A fabulous place to "get away from it all". A pleasant drive from Adelaide to Cape Jarvis then the ferry to Penneshaw. Warning: the island was much bigger than you might think, so expect to spend some time driving about. The plus side is that the speed limit is 110km/hr, the main roads are in excellent condition and there's not a lot of traffic about, making travel by car easy. The sea colours were spectacular, The Remarkable Rocks interesting, as were the seals on Seal Beach. The air is fresh and the sunsets were brilliant. Kangaroo Island views are here.


Black-faced Woodswallow Brown-headed Honeyeater Male Scarlet Robin (in moult) Pallid Cuckoo (rufous young) Striated Thornbill (searching to feed the Pallid Cuckoo) Silver Eye (after bathing)




Wedge-tailed Eagle (at Raptor Domain)

Southern Boobook (at Raptor Domain)

Crescent Honeyeater (f)

Crescent Honeyeater (m)  


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