Northern Territory Top End 2016

Late June 2016 I departed cold, dull Melbourne with two friends for a two week adventure in the Northern Territory Top End. Starting in Darwin, we spent a few days looking around whilst we adjusted to the hot climate, then a few days enjoying the sights in Kakadu National Park. Then south to Pine Creek which had an especially nice laid-back character and lots visible to be reminded of earlier mining days, though gold continues to be mined when gold prices are favourable. A day trip to Katherine, then north towards Darwin stopping at Lake Bennett for a few days to have a look around Litchfield National Park and the spectacular swimming places there. Then back to Darwin for a few more days of winter warmth and a day out on Bathurst Island. It was an enjoyable trip in every respect.

Here's some of my images. Birds I saw on this trip to the Northern Territory birds are here.


Government House, Darwin, with surrounding lawns and gardens.

A monument to the bombing of Darwin in 1942. Katherine, Broome and Batchelor were also bombed.

A simple granite table and plaque that are of significant astronomical importance. The cross defines Darwin's longitude east of Greenwich to 1/100sec accuracy.

Interesting warm and vibrant multi-coloured sandstones on the beach.

More interesting sandstones. These have a variety of coloured patterns revealed by erosion.

An early rise for a ferry trip to Bathurst Island. The dawn colours in Darwin are something special, always vibrant.

Disembarkation at Bathurst Island.

Bathurst Island - a party of locals waiting for their family and friends to disembark the ferry from Darwin.

The traditional smoke ceremony designed to cleanse visitors of evil spirits
After a good time on the island, it's time to leave. Mixed feelings.
Watching the sun set at Darwin is a popular attraction as there's something special about them. This one was no exception.
A tranquil scene on the Yellow Waters Billabong. But, beware what lies beneath...?
Something that might be lie beneath, a very dangerous saltwater crocodile. The name is misnomer as they are equally happy living in freshwater. Here's an image of a hapless turtle taken by a croc.
Indigenous rock art at Ubirr, Kakadu National Park. Here's another giving anatomical depictions of local fish and animals.
My friends inspecting the rock art at Ubirr. A panoramic view of the area around Ubirr.
Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park. Just a trickle in the dry season, but a torrent in the wet.
Lots of burning off for fuel reduction in the Northern Territory in the dry season, but it doesn't take long for plants to start new growth.
Pine Creek Railway museum. 
Some of the old gold-mining machinery displayed in the Pine Creek Miners Park.
A furphy? Well, yes and no! 
The NAIDOC rally in Katherine in support of Indigenous culture
Indigenous street art in Katherine

An idyllic late afternoon view over Lake Bennett. Smoke from fuel reduction burning off gave the air a distinctly smoky aroma.
Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park. A magnificent swimming spot to escape from the day's heat.
Merten's water monitor. A lizard that spends much of its time swimming around the waterholes.
The "Tombstone" termite mounds. These are aligned strictly north-south to minimise heating from the sun during the hottest times of the day.
A huge termite mound at the "Termite Mounds" place of interest in Litchfield National Park


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