Alice Springs and Tennant Creek 2013

In May 2013 I had a short trip to the Northern Territory to view the annular solar eclipse on the morning of the 10th (that's two solar eclipses I saw through northern Australia in 6 months). I flew from Melbourne to Alice Springs, then, after an overnight stay, drove 500km north along the Stuart Highway to Tennant Creek for two nights. Then it was a drive back to Alice Springs for a return flight out the next day. Along the way I enjoyed seeing Standley Chasm, the Devil's Marbles and the arid landscape in this part of Northern Australia. During the last day in Alice Springs it rained (very unusual for this time of year) causing the Todd River to begin to flow.  

It was a successful trip in every respect.

Here's some of my images and Northern Territory birds.


Arrival at Alice Springs

Standley Chasm formed by countless flooding episodes eating away at the rock to form a narrow channel

The beginning of the famous Tanami Road that passes through the Tanami Desert to the Western Australian border and beyond

The unusual figurehead at Aileron, township on the road between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek

The ruins of the Glen Maggie Homestead built in 1914 for a cattle and sheep station, but fell into disuse in the 1930's.

A rocky bluff  near Barrow Creek
Some of the abundant termite mounds off the Stuart Highway
The Devil's Marbles - lumps of granite weathered into roughly spherical shapes
A fine balancing act at The Devil's Marbles. Here's another one.
An unusual combination of business models found in Tennant Creek
A building decorated with colourful indigenous artwork on the main street in Tennant Creek

A magnificent sunset over Tennant Creek
The monument signifying the Tropic of Capricorn (23.44S) which lies between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek
The Todd River starts to flow after overnight rain in Alice Springs
Flying home to Melbourne


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