A week spent in central Chile with the focal point being the total solar eclipse which took place on the 2nd July 2019. Although wintertime there was plenty of clear skies, warm sunshine and many beautiful sights to enjoy, as you will see from this selection of images. Birds too.


Santiago and the not-so-distant snow-capped Andes as viewed from the summit of Cerro San Cristobal

From Castillo Hidalgo looking eastwards across Santiago in the light of the almost setting sun
Reflections of the Andes in the mirror-windowed buildings

Enjoying lunch in the winter sunshine on the summit of Cerro San Cristobal
The ornamental Fuente Neptuno in the Terraza Neptuno, central Santiago 

A view of the cableway from the Tupahue Station. The Gran Torre, Santiago's tallest building (300m) is to the left of frame
A late afternoon view from the highest level of the Castillo Hidalgo, Santiago

A wine tasting selection at a Casablanca Valley winery 
Colourful houses built on one of the 40 hills in Valparaiso

A busy scene on one of the steep Valparaiso streets. Note that the two street dogs each have a kennel to call home!
Colours of Valparaiso 

Careful attention is needed when walking around the streets of Valparaiso
The famous "piano stairs" of Valparaiso. Can't see the piano? Here it is.

Part of Plaza Sotomayer and the unusual vertical extension to the CSAV building. It seems to possess a passing similarity to "The Tesseract" of the Marvel Movie franchise?
Street Art of Valparaiso

Another example of Valparaiso Street Art
Part of Valparaiso through a porthole window of La Sebastiana, the late Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's home

Lunch time - residents feed one of Valparaiso's many street dogs
An Easter Island Moai at the Museo Fonck, Viņa del Mar

The church in Pisco Elqui, Valle de Elqui
Accommodation in "The Hidden Garden", Pisco Elqui Pinhole imagery of the sun shining through a woven sunshade 
The "Route of the Stars" on the Gabriella Mistral Circuit through Pisco Elqui Inland from La Serena into the foothills of the Andes the terrain is rocky and barren with only the hardiest of plants, such as these cacti, able to survive

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